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Knight of the Flame

Children of the Old War: 1


What if there weren’t always just the four elements? What if there used to be dozens of others, all cast out of the world in an ancient war?


What if one of them found a way back…


Caymus, a young disciple of flame, only ever wanted to be a priest of the Conflagration, a master of the element of fire. One cruel night, however, otherworldly creatures of some ancient darkness suddenly appeared across the land. That was the night people started dying. That was the night his life changed forever.


If Caymus ever hopes to drive this malevolent force back and protect the people he loves, he’ll need to be stronger—braver—than he ever knew he could be.  He’ll need to depend on the people closest to him.  And he’ll need to discover the secrets of an ancient warrior who seems, somehow, connected to him from across the ages:


The Knight of the Flame.

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Winds of a Growing Storm

Children of the Old War: 2​


The elemental war has begun.


The Black Moon army has been halted at Kepren, but Caymus, the young disciple of the Conflagration who gave up everything to return the Knight of the Flame to the world, knows the dark element is far from beaten. Even as Winter thaws, bands of dark soldiers roam the land, unchecked. From the north, stories emerge of a growing enemy stronghold.  And at the Temple of the Conflagration, the masters keep a wary eye over the surrounding woods, certain that they’re being watched.


All the while, the most important question of all plagues Caymus's mind: he isn’t meant to fight this darkness alone; where are the other knights?

Sect of the Rounded Stone
Sect of the Rounded Stone

Children of the Old War: 3

The Knight of the Flame and the Celestial Knight have been found.  The Temple of the Conflagration has been saved, but the Sograve’s forces have established a foothold and are growing stronger every day.


Meanwhile, the search for the remaining Knights of the Quatrain intensifies.  Caymus has discovered a fragment of the weapon of the Earthwarden—the knight of the earth element—but the warrior's identity is still a mystery.  Meanwhile, Caymus’s closest friend Rill, whose talents helped to save a city from the darkness, has been abducted by the enemy’s assassins and is being held for reasons he doesn’t understand.


To save Rill and to find the third knight, Caymus and his companions will need to reforge the weapon of the Earthwarden. Then, they’ll need to travel far to the north, beyond the Greatstone Mountains, and find a way into the most dangerous place in the world:  the occupied city of Caranaar.

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